365 DAYS OF Maria Pasenau

Day 329:“Often when me and my boyfriend have a lot to do, the dishes get stacked up. It gets so much that we have to do the dishes for several hours. (Laughs) it’s nice to do the dishes! I like when we get to come back to clean dishes. It’s like buying time, getting back on track.”

Maria Pasenau’s first photo book, Whit kind Regards Pasenau, is a diary-like compilation of pictures the Oslo-based image-maker captured of her and her friends’ lives. Pasenau self-published the book in 2018, the photos a document of her early twenties in a new city. Day to Day is Pasenau’s newest series, and focuses entirely on herself: the artist decided to take a self-portrait every day for a year, from October 11, 2018 until the same day in 2019. Wherever she was – mostly in her apartment in Oslo, but sometimes in London or Berlin – and with the help of alarm reminders on her phone, Pasenau would capture herself, no matter her mood.

Right: Day 322:“I got my new Buffalo shoes on, shoes that I have always wanted but never got when I was younger. On this picture my pussy is shaved, I don’t do that, I like the hair and think my pussy looks like a child without hair but I had taken a cast for a sculpture of my pussy. The fuck fingers come two times in this ‘day by day’ series, the first time out of anger, but on this one, it’s for pure joy!”

Maria Pasenau: “I’m scared of forgetting things – that’s why I take pictures. The good, the bad, everything, so I can see how it was at that time. For me, it’s about the moment. During the three years that I was taking photos for my first book, Whit Kind Regrets Pasenau, there were ups and downs, as there are in life.”

“I have always experimented with identity: if something happens in my life, I want to celebrate it by dyeing my hair or buying new clothes. You can see the passage of time in the photographs from the colour of my hair. One time I coloured my hair black. The next day I was stopped by the police for tagging in the street. So then I knew it wasn’t good to keep my hair that colour. I’ve wanted to play with identity all my life. It’s always been like that for me.”

Day 142:“This picture is taken in Lofoten, a wonderful place. Cold, very cold, and very blue water! I was there on a photo festival to talk. I can remember that I had some hours alone, sitting by the sea, dipping my feet in the ice-cold water. That made me think about the city where I live, it became a big dirty monster. Why do I want to live in that dirty city.”

“Instagram is not my art world. It’s just my Instagram, much like everyone else’s. I want my pictures on a wall, not on Instagram. I want to be more in the world, not scrolling through a screen. I have a strong feeling I have so little time, so I have to use it carefully. I could die at any time. And I want to have my voice out there. Because if I die and my work goes into a box… Well, that’s the worst thing I can imagine.”



Courtesy of Soft Opening | London


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