How old are you?
We are both 25 years old.

Where do you come from?
Victor : from Denmark, Føllenslev where he grew up before moving to Copenhagen to study there.
Leo : I was born in Paris with British and Argentinian parents and lived there for 20 years before going abroad for studies.
Now we are both 3rd year in the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Which is you favorite food?
Victor : Anything fishy.
Leo : A combination of an Argentinian BBQ with diverse season salades from Italy.

Define your projects in few lines
The first one is called ‘Concrete Cables’ as you can see on the pictures, these object are a result of the electric cables found in scrap yards and then weaved on a fluid and organic looking concrete body. A family that that embodies our urbane habitat.
These series of work is the start of our collaboration making physical objects as in our previous work we were mainly focusing on performances. The second body of work is called ‘Creatures’ and is composed of 10 objects. They are a continuation of the first serie but pushed to other boundaries with more experiment and playfulness. We don’t call them a family as they are all different from each other. Instead they are more like cousins or friends that in a nearby future will be developed in several families.

How is your work structured ?
For now, we don’t have a structure, we work with our intuition, one comes with an idea, we discuss it and we just start making, thinking measurements, shapes and finishes along the way.
We usually don’t have a clear idea and clear vision of how the object will be reproduced. Its a constant evolving thing.

How do you define your project?
Our project can be placed in different contexts. Our work moves from Art to Design, with a foot in both fields.
We see the work as some sculptural design, some unique work, functional art or even collectible design as some people could say.
Lately we defined our way of working as ignorant design, forcing our work to be unaware of ongoing trends, colour themes or material values. People may feel at ease to place it here or there, it`s not made for a specific place or group.
We always thought that being free from these frames and borders, was a good way to explore and have fun in our making.

Do you have boundaries in your work? If yes which are they?
Leo : I think time is always a boundary. Finishing a piece for an exhibition, for a commission, we always want to do more than we can.
Victor: The first and the very last touch. To trust your intuition can be a very difficult, when it also changes and develops with the individual piece.

You are a duo: how do you balance each other out?
I feel that we have the same energy in the making but we balance on the prosthetics of our work, in that sense, one does the work on instagram and the other on the accounting. One work best in the morning and the other at night.


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