Chih Han Yang: Me, my self and I

Chih Han Yang, 28 years old, Leo. She is a photographer from Taiwan, based in Taipei, she hasn’t a pet, but had a dog. Chih is also a model, best known for her “self portraits”. Her works are all about the ordinary life, all the images are created without any intentions and mainly improvised, everything she sees could be a beautiful piece of scenery. In 2014 she published her first photo book: ”Chih Han Yang”.

Your daily routine?
Get up. Wash my face. Brush my teeth. Do some yoga. Work work work work work. Take photos. Do some yoga. Sleep.

Your subject are mostly asian women, is there a particular reason?
It’s not my personal preference to be honest. Because I’m Taiwanese, most of my friends are Taiwanese too. My guy friends are not interested in being photographed, so I usually take photos for women. 

The thing that inspire you most?
Feelings such as pouring rain night, a chilling morning, a heartbreaking song, and the lovers I lost.

When did you understand that you would become a photographer?
I wasn’t determined to become a photographer at the beginning. However, I decided to publish a photography book on my own because I want the whole world to see my photos. After graduating from my college, I first became a model, and started being a freelance photographer. 

Your favorite photographer?
Definitely myself!

What is your relationship with social media?
It’s a platform that allows me to express myself, but I don’t like to use it too frequently.. 

What is the process that leads you to conceive your projects?
I rarely plan the composition of a photo. I enjoy walking around, discovering new stuff, and following my instinct!

What did you google last?
How to do handstand? I really wanna do it!

Natural or superficial?
Natural! I love the ocean, forest, and dreams! 

Can you tell us one thing about you nobody knows?
I have no secret.

Your favorite travel destination?
A walk without destination.

Where did you spend your last holiday?
I did yoga at home.

Are you more focused on the subject or on the scene?
When I am shooting someone, I don’t really care about the scene. It’s more important to feel the emotion of the person and sense the flow of the emotion.

What do you like the most in your body?
Every part of me .

What was the turning point in your career?
When I realized that I can take brand concept photos by taking photos of myself! It’s very exciting because it’s quite unique and I don’t think a lot of photographers are doing something like this.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I like to live in the present moment and I don’t want to picture my future.

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