Stephan Balkenhol

Monica de Cardenas’s gallery inaugurates the exhibition of the german artist Stephan Balkenhol: preferring the wood as main material, the subjects come to life from the manipulation of a tree trunk, strengthened by the use of contrasting colors. The key point of the creative process can be summed up in two words: sobriety and materiality.

The artist doesn’t aim to seek for a heroic development: his protagonists are real and austere. Gestures, poses and  expressions suggest both distance and an attentive openness towards the viewer. Apparently cristallized over time, Balkhenol’s sculpures materialize dignity, rigour and the inner complexity of the contemporary human being, synthesizyng all his facets.

The artist takes over and alters the material to show all its honesty and neutrality: the figures seem unpretentious, free from any further implications and interpretations. “Who am I?” is the turning point question which takes shape in the modern human being.

Stephan Balkenhol’s works are exhibited in several prestigious museum, among the others at the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture garden in Washington, Tate Gallery in London, Museum fur Modern Kunst in Frankfurt and National galerie in Berlin.
Monica de Cardenas Exhibition until 24th February 2018 , Via Francesco Viganò 4, Milano.

Courtesy of  Galleria Monica De Cardenas, Milano  credit Andrea Rossetti.

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