Originally from Lisbon, the 21 years old young creative’s choice to study fashion design in 2017 was a rather obvious one. Paulo Mileu has always been — and is  — an art fanatic and he has had a hidden love for fashion that probably only his family knew about from a very early age. His work comes from personal experience in the world. Looking at what is happening right now, where he is and who is he, what does he perceives from reality and how does he feels about it. His work and vision come from his endless research on gender identity, periods and characters from the past and from contemporary art, shaping all of it into his imaginary world and aesthetic. Mileu won an applied project at Polimoda for his collection “Unknown Collapse” and flew to Osaka to showcase his work at the Bunka Fashion College Show.

Designer Paulo Mileu
Photography Marco Mezzani
Fashion Eleonora Papetti
Hair and makeup Antonia Deffenu using Marc Jacobs beauty & Tigi
Model Giulia Ghezzi at NEXT

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