Nick & Alexiey

Alexiey wearing sweater Federico Curradi. Nick wearing shirt Alexandra Moura.

Left: Nick wearing shirt and trousers Federico Curradi, turtleneck Roberto Nizzari. Middle: Alexiey wearing jacket and trousers all Federico Curradi. Right: Nick wearing vintage motorbike jacket.

Left: Nick and Alexiey both wearing vintage motorbike suits. Right: Alexiey wearing shirt Alessandro Marchetto, jeans shirt Tintoria Mattei, trousers FORBETTERLOOKINGPEOPLE, shoes Camper.

Left: Nick wearing shirt Alexandra Moura, trousers Federico Curradi, shoes Camper. Right: Alexiey wearing trousers FORBETTERLOOKINGPEOPLE, shoes Camper.

Left: Nick wearing vintage motorbike suit, shoes Camper. Right: Alexiey wearing jacket and shirt all Federico Curradi.

Nick wearing shirt and trousers both Federico Curradi, turtleneck Roberto Nizzari, shoes Camper. Alexiey wearing jacket, shirt and trousers all Federico Curradi, shoes Camper.



Photography Marco Donazzan
Fashion Eleonora Papetti
Grooming Giulia Rioda
Photo assistant Luca Donazzan
Fashion assistant Eleonora Marku
Models Alexiey Barbaro at Wonderwall Management and Nick Kristian at Independent Management
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