Tina Willim: collecting moments

Where are you from? Can you tell us a little bit about your hometown?
I grew up in Lindau at the Lake of Constance. It’s a small German town with a little island in a huge Lake surrounded by beautiful mountains of Austria and Switzerland.

How old are you?

Where are you based at the moment?
I moved to Berlin in 2006, since then I call it home. Intermittently in Cologne, Barcelona, New York and lots of traveling.

Dream job when you were a child?
I think I wanted to be a vet, but one day my cat got sick and we had to put him to sleep at the local vet, after that I decided to no longer pursue this goal. It was very sad. When I turned 11, my parents gave me my first point and shoot Camera and I started to take weird pictures of trash and things I found on the street.

Can you tell us your source of inspiration?

How would you describe your connection with the camera while you are shooting?
My camera is more like a tool. It helps me to freeze these special moments and bring them back home like souvenirs I’m collecting.

What city do you like the most?
Berlin and NYC.

Your guilty pleasure?
Cake. I love all kinds of cakes. And pizza.

What is your favorite travel destination?
Somewhere warm, preferably. But seriously, everywhere. I’m a curious person, so I find the unknown very inspiring.

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