Can you describe yourself, what do you do in your life?
I’m a 23 years old girl from the Italian countryside. I fell in love with dancing when I was a kid so during middle school I left my family and moved to a city, got into an academy. I studied hard and eventually became a professional ballet and contemporary dancer.
After graduation I couldn’t see myself in the same place anymore therefore I decided to move abroad, travel now and then, always following what my job had to offer. At the same time along with the traveling I discovered a deep passion for art, especially in painting and photography and I started modeling for the artists. I’ve always seen the modeling thing as a job and something to learn from at the same time.

How was your life different 12 months ago?
In the last 12 months my life turned upside down, literally. I was in the middle of a very tough month, working in dancing, teaching, preparing choreographs and something unexpected happened: I broke a knee. I saw my life falling apart and I couldn’t do anything to help it. After surgery and quite a long time I’m finally recovering and getting back to the dancing scene again. I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing nowadays. The injury gave me a lot of time to think about what I could do with my life and who I was without dancing.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about?
In this particular moment of my life I’d say I’m obsessed with cats. I go crazy every time is see one. Also I collect cat memes on my phone, best memes ever. And surprise: my roommate is a cat and I treat her and talk to her like if I was her mom.

Your daily go-to outfit?
What I wear really depends on my mood and on what’s left on my closet if I forget to do laundry. Anyway I always prefer to stay cozy when it’s possible and I’m a huge fan of vintage/second hand shops.

Favorite part of your body?
I’d say my ears, I can’t really see them but I guess they’re nice

The most frequently used application on your phone?
It’s Instagram followed by Whatsapp.

Photography Amber Baker
Model Silvia Bonavigio

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