Enrico Markus Essl: graphics and colors

Where do you come from?
I was born in Linz, Austria, grew up in Salzburg and have been living again in Linz since my youth.

How do your roots influence your creative process? 
Actually, I’ve been more influenced by painting art than by photography, especially by the impressionists and their composition of colors.

Are you more into environments or characters? 
The focus lies definitely on the environment. For me, persons and characters are merely statists and play a minor role.

Favourite season? 
Shortly, said: Winter, just because I like the cold and the special atmosphere.

Favourite movie?
„The Big Lebowski“, a real classic.

How old are you?
48 years.

How do you approach your characters ? And how do you choose them?
The characters are only one part of the picture composition and contribute to the whole. The most decisive thing is the situation itself and all its elements, especially the graphics and the colors that fall into place merely by chance.

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